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Where there is a downloadable copy it is from internet sources. All are over 50 years old so it is assumed that there are no copyright issues. Most have been digitised by American colleges and/or by Google for personal use but if I've infringed something let me know.

English Gilds, Toulmin Smith, Early English Text Society, 1870. A downloadable pdf copy

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Gilds: Their Origin, Constitution, Objects and Later History, Cornelius Walford, Printed for Private Circulation, 1879. Here is the more comprehensive 1888 version with many counties added but unfortunately not Suffolk. Downloadable as a pdf

Two Thousand Years of Gild Life, Rev J Malet Lambert, 1891 A downloadable pdf copy

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The History and Antiquities of The County of Suffolk, Rev Alfred Suckling, Vol 2 (Hundreds of Lothingland continued and Blything). 1846. A downloadable copy

Guilds and the Parish Community in Late Medieval East Anglia c1470-1550, Ken Farnhill, York Medieval Press, 2001. ISBN: 1 903153 05 0
Note: Suffolk mainly covered in Chapter Seven "The Guilds of Bardwell and Cratfield".

English Vernacular Houses by Eric Mercer. Royal Commission on Historical Monuments. London. Her Majesty's Stationery Office. 1975. ISBN 0 11 700728 5


This is the
Suffolk Historic Buildings Group
Their newsletter is called "Eavesdropper" and has had some interesting articles on gildhalls over the years. Unfortunately they do not have an on-line archive but I have the kind permission from their editor to include some references with copies downloadable as .pdf files as below:

Eavesdropper No 17: Report of a Day School 27 May 2000 and an article by Patrick Taylor which is referenced several times on this site.

Eavesdropper No 32: report of a talk on Suffolk Gildhalls by Leigh Alston on 16th November 2005.

Eavesdropper No 39: about Hadleigh Guildhall.

Eavesdropper No 41: Some pictures of Guildhalls and description of Fressingfield and Laxford gildhalls.


A listing of articles in the Proceedings of the Suffolk Institute of Archaeology and History (PSIAH) relating to gilds and guilds.
Note: See below for evolution of the Institute's various names.

Downloadable papers as referenced below can be found via
here. You will have to scroll down (possibly a long way) to find the appropriate Volume from the reference to it. The search function is very good, too. If you are not a member and make use of this a donation would be appreciated.

Bloomfield J. and Northeast P., 8 September 1985; Hadleigh Guildhall and town. Vol XXXVI, part 1 (1985) - excursions.

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4, 151-163.

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Redstone, V. B., 1904, Chapels, Chantries and Gilds in Suffolk. XII Part 1, 1-87. Has abstracts of 39 gild certificates, 18 in Bury (presumably the 1389 returns). Also details of Ipswich Corpus Christi gild.

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Warren, F. E., 1901, A pre-Reformation village gild. XI Part 1, 134-147. Follows on from previous reference and is about Bardwell.

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Notes on the evolution of SIAH

1845-1848: Suffolk Archaeological Association

1848-1853: Bury and West Suffolk Institute of Archaeology

1853-1868: Suffolk Institute of Archaeology and Natural History, and Bury Athenaeum

1869-1954: Suffolk Institute of Archaeology and Natural History

1954-1975/6: Suffolk Institute of Archaeology

1977-2000: Suffolk Institute of Archaeology and History